It’s ok, Jenny’s on Facebook. She knows what to do.

Fantastic! You’ve got someone working for you who is on Facebook. They have got to be the right person to manage all your social media activity! They must know what to do …mustn’t they?

Handing over the keys to Social Media


Whilst it might not seem a bad idea at the time, it might not be the most sensible thing for your business. After all, there’s a bit more to social media than just logging on and chatting to friends. And there’s a bit more that you’ll want out of it than to know what Brian’s had for breakfast.

I can make a mean Coq au Vin for four. But put me in a restaurant, responsible for some other dishes too, with other ingredients, and it’ll end up a big Cock-oh-up! And when the Chinese family tell me their meal ‘was rubbery’ they’ll really mean their meal was rubbery!

Putting someone in charge of your Social Media networks just because they are on them won’t always produce the results you are looking for. Just because someone has done something, doesn’t mean that they are good at it. It doesn’t mean that they are not, of course, but I think you need to dig a little deeper before you take the plunge.

Social Media can be a great vehicle for your business. Make sure you give your keys to the right person.

Image credit – Intersection Consulting

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