Email Marketing Services

Unlike our competitors, we don’t just provide you with the tools for Email Marketing. We do it all for you. Simple!

Whether you’re capable or a novice, we’ll provide the time that you haven’t got.


Whether you want to specify exactly what copy and layout you want, or just give us a quick brief, we’ll create a professional design for you (not just give you some generic template). We’ll also add links to your website and make it all work together.

Sending Emails

We’ll send out any number of emails on your behalf. We can send it from our specialised email addresses or any of yours that you specify. We do it all from our servers so you don’t need any extra internet bandwidth or special equipment.


All our email campaigns are rigorously checked before sending them out.

Data Cleansing

When we receive your data, we’ll implement our comprehensive cleansing procedures. This will eradicate all the spelling errors, typos  and duplicates (and there will be a few), meaning your emails won’t be received as spam (to the incorrect addresses), and will get delivered to the people you want.

Data Capture

If you don’t already have a procedure in place to capture data, we can help provide one for you. We will confidentially manage and maintain a database, so you don’t have to.

New Data

With links to the top data-houses in the country, we can obtain data for you at preferential rates.

Spam Management

We’ll use our expertise to make sure your mails aren’t marked as Spam and don’t unwittingly break any Anti-Spam laws.

Bounced Mails

It’s unavoidable that people close email accounts or move them. We will manage the emails which “bounce back” to avoid your future mails being marked as Spam.


We’ll manage your data for you, so anyone opting-out can do so without worry of getting more mails in the future.


We can track responses to your email campaigns and send you reports of how they are doing.*

Account Manager

We will allocate you an Account Manager who will keep in touch with you regularly.*

*Levels of service vary based on the package selected.

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Why not combine with Social Media Marketing?

By choosing both our Email Marketing service and our Social Media Marketing service, we will promote your email campaigns across your social networks too. So your promotions, offers and services won’t be missed. And your name will always be in your customers’ minds.