Why Social Media Marketing?

Business is slowly waking up to the opportunities offered by many of the social and business networks;  a growing realisation of the need to be there  …especially before they get left behind.

Small group saying "Find us on Facebook"

Promoting your site or business through social media channels is a powerful strategy that will get you links, attention, traffic and, ultimately and most importantly, increased turnover. It is definitely the ‘new wave’ for marketing products and services, no matter your size.

But even the very few that have taken those first steps and got themselves a Facebook page, or are registered with LinkedIn or Twitter, are not that much closer to gaining any ground; In fact, quite the opposite.

More Than Just a Page

There’s a lot more to Social Network sites than just having a page or merely being registered. It’s not like a website that can be static. If you’re not updating anything, letting people know what’s going on,  or you’re not ‘tweeting’ enough, not only are you not gaining anything  but you could in fact be losing. Such a lack of activity, by giving a poor impression, can only turn people away or dissuade them from looking at you further.

Not a ‘shiny toy’

If you’re going to engage in social media for your business, and you really should, you must do it right. Many companies partake in this ‘shiny toy syndrome’ and do it all without a plan or strategy in place. Worse, many don’t really understand what to do once they start.

So, the important things are to a) get registered, b) get your page(s) up there and, most importantly, c) make doubly, trebly sure to be regularly updating them

If you’re confident you can do all that, then go ahead and register with the appropriate sites now.

Any doubts

But, if there’s a part of you that has any doubts that you’ll be able to keep on top of everything or you are unsure of all the technicalities, contact us today. We’ll do it all for you – register, manage, connect, update.