What is Email Marketing?

Email marketing, in simple terms, enables you to communicate with your customers or seek new prospects by regularly sending emails to them. The emails can be in the form of advertising, news, special offers or even vouchers. Done properly, email marketing is an efficient and productive way to reach out to new customers and to keep your existing ones coming back to you again and again.

Keeping Your Customers Coming Back

Though we deal with both new and existing customers, our primary focus at 2nd Impression is keeping you in touch with your customers. After all, they’re your biggest asset.

Who’s more likely to buy from you – someone who’s bought from you before or somebody new?

But, no matter how good you are, with nothing to prompt them, your customers will forget you.

After all, once the pleasure of making the purchase has gone, all they are left with is the product. Your good service, value and presentation are nothing but dim and distant memories.

Specialists in Contact Management solutions, we can tailor make an email marketing “KIT” just for you – a package designed to Keep In Touch with your customers.

No matter what your business or where you are in the world, we can design a solution to meet your requirements.

You’ve done the hard work creating a good first impression. Let us help you with the second.

Reaching Out to New Customers with Email

Email marketing is big business. Getting in front of your potential customers with a professional, well-presented email continues to be extremely valuable.

However, sending unsolicited email can not only get all of your company email addresses black-listed, it can be illegal.

At 2nd Impression, we have the expertise and know-how to create successful email campaigns to new prospects for you. We handle all the subtle requirements to make sure your campaigns look good, work well, and produce results.

With links to the top datahouses in the country, we can obtain data for you at preferential rates. We can provide an individual solution for your specific requirements, which includes the design, sending and managing of both email and data. You can just sit back while we take care of it for you.