Who should be Email Marketing

Which businesses?

Restaurants, Hotels, Retailers, Estate Agents, Printers and even Solicitors are just some of those on our books.

But the reality is that no business should ignore its customers. In marketing terms alone, they are so valuable. As opposed to conventional marketing for new business (advertising etc), your costs will be significantly reduced and your returns dramatically better.

And, by keeping your name in their mind, there are different benefits to be gained by all.

Some examples:

Estate Agents

Though not truly likely to have too many repeat purchasers (apart from developers etc), there are significant reasons why an Estate Agent should keep in contact with his prospective buyers.

Apart from the obvious help in selling properties and keeping ones name in the mind of customers, one of the most important reasons is to set him apart from his competitors.

Who is more likely to sell our house?” Keep in touch regularly and you’ll not only help yourself to sell properties but you’ll sow a seed for the future, about which of the local Estate Agencies does more to push the sale.


Mmmm…  where do you fancy eating?”  How many times does that conversation take place? How many times would someone have come back to you if only they had thought about your restaurant at that time?

Keep in touch, and the next time they’re thinking of where to go, they won’t have to think too hard about you.

Just think – you could then let ALL your customers know about forthcoming special events, new dishes, promotions or just help them to remember how good you are. What a mouth-watering prospect!

Beauty Salons/Hairdressers

Reminding your customers regularly about your services may well stimulate them to succumb to a luxurious pampering. It will certainly help to remind them about the wonderful and relaxing service that you provide and will entice them to use you earlier than they may otherwise have done.

You’ll also be able to let them know in an instant when a new treatment or technique is available. Imagine that power in your hands…

Clothes Shops

Whenever a new range comes in or a new season is upon us, imagine the business that you can do by letting all your customers know.

Stimulate the impulse purchase by the mere mention of something in a communication; or just keep your name in front of them so that, the next time they want to buy an outfit, they immediately think of you.


Just imagine the power such a communication facility could bring.

You could let ALL your previous customers know about any weekend specials and exclusive deals; Tell them what you’re doing for forthcoming events, any special promotions (maybe for out-of-season custom?); just about anything, designed to help encourage their return. What a room-filling prospect!

A system that will keep your name in their mind, so that when they’re thinking about coming to your area, whether planned, on impulse or for an impromptu visit (maybe for a show), they think of staying with you!


Think about the strength in having instant communication with all your customers, letting them know about a bulk purchase you’ve just bought in.

Or just reminding them that you’re there and of the products you have available, so that when they’re next ready to buy they always contact you to see what’s available.

Whatever your business

Whatever your business, we can implement and manage a system just for you. All you have to do, with our help if needed, is get your customers details. We’ll do the rest!

We will build (or takeover) a database of your customers and then, using a variety of professional methods, we will ‘keep in touch’ with them regularly on your behalf. All at a surprisingly low cost.

Call us today for an informal chat on 0845 226 4062 (local call). It might be the most valuable call you have ever made. Alternatively contact us using our online form.