10 Steps to Getting Your Staff to Get Email Addresses

I don’t know what’s worse. Not getting email addresses from all your customers or making typos when you do.  That’s another story.

Talking to a potential client the other day, I was surprised (I don’t know why) to hear ‘It is really tough to get our staff to get email addresses all the time’.

It isn’t!  Here’s how to do it:

1.       Explain what you want and why, being sure to express how important it is for your business.
2.       Show them what to do.
3.       Ask them to do it.
4.       Check later that they are doing it.
–  If they are, a little bit of praise goes a long way.
–  If they are not, scold mildly and reiterate how important it is to your business.
5.       Show them again what to do.
6.       This time tell them to do it.
7.       Check again that it is happening.
–  If it is, that’s great (and don’t forget the ‘well done’)
–  If it is not, slightly decrease the level of patience shown.
8.       Go through it with them again ….slowly.
9.       Repeat why you want this information and how crucial it is to the business; so crucial that their job depends on it.
10.   Check and keep on checking until you are satisfied it is happening. And then check again!

Whether you intend to use them now or not, getting email addresses from customers and potential customers is so important.  They will certainly be of great value to you in any future marketing.

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