About 2nd Impression

In the web design industry many years ago, it was quite apparent that there were differences in attitude from business to business.

There were businesses who just wanted a web presence – to be there ‘because they thought they ought to’ – and there were those who wanted their website to work for them, helping them to sell their product or service or to expand their scope and marketplace.

There were those that wanted to get things done properly by professionals; to get the look right, the navigation, the search engine placement etc. Others were quite simply satisfied to pay a little to a ‘bedroom designer’ or obtain their own WYSIWYG program and do it themselves.

Either way there was a place for all them. The internet is a big wide world.

But it’s very different when it comes to Email Marketing…

Some people would like you to believe otherwise. They would like you to think it’s just the same situation as with websites.

But unlike a website, that’s visible to all who come across it, for an email to be seen, it needs to arrive, be opened and be interesting enough to react to. And that’s the simple way of putting it!

Whether your website has been done by a company, who’ve optimised it correctly for search engine placement, or by a bloke you met at the pub; whether it’s boring or interesting, static or dynamic, the minute someone arrives there, however they got there, they’ll see it.

For Email Marketing to work, however, there are so many aspects that need to be addressed. So many things that can’t possibly all be solved by doing it yourself or with some software you’ve bought into.

Aside from all the technical issues, that a layman won’t know or a program won’t address, one of the biggest enemies of business is time. No matter how capable you are or how well intentioned, you’ll never have enough of it …and certainly not enough to make sure the job gets done as effectively or as often as your business really needs.

It was because of all of this that 2ndimpression came about.

At 2ndimpression, we won’t just show you what to do or blind you with science. We’ll do the whole thing for you!

With as much or as little input as you want or have time for, we’ll manage and develop your email marketing campaigns, your social media marketing or both.

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