Meet the New Twitter

New Twitter

Not wanting to be outdone How by Facebook, Twitter are releasing a new design, with tons of new features.

According to a post on their blog and a page describing the changes , there will be numerous enhancements. Apart from a new the design (including an updated logo), the site will integrate better with a host of other wholesale nfl jerseys social media sites, including Flickr, UStream and YouTube. There will also be better integration with Twitpic, the popular photo provider for Twitter posts. And as direct competition to Foursquare and Facebook, Twitter is releasing a new feature to make Tweets location-aware.

Changes will be rolled out to be previewed in the next few Great! weeks.

So what does this mean for your business?

At first glance, it might not seem obvious that the changes will have any noticeable effect, either to you or your followers. 深入解析DEPENDENCY$对象的恢复 After all, the new features will only be visible on the website – not used by many cheap NFL jerseys regular cheap jerseys Twitter users, who track updates on their mobile devices rather than the Twitter website. Granted, those mobile users won’t be affected at first, but we can see that it won’t be long before those other devices catch up. You can bet wholesale NBA jerseys that Twitter will be updating their own iPhone app soon enough, and the other Twitter clients won’t take long to follow. Once video feeds, photos and locations finally start filtering through to all users and devices, you can expect them to become widespread at the same speed that news on AD Twitter spreads around the Twittersphere.

These features are not cheap jerseys new to users of many other social networks, who will recognize their potential significance to grab attention from their users. Facebook updates, which have had the ability to include links, photos and videos for some time now, stand out much more when a video or photo is included with the standard line of text. By including relevant photos and videos in wholesale jerseys your tweets, you will be able to grab your customers’ attention just that little bit easier. And you can be sure that if you don’t do it, your competitors definitely will.

We know it The isn’t easy to set aside Hannover time to Trust be logging in to all these different social networks and uploading photos and videos (which is why services like ours exist). But if you don’t take advantage ロバート.アレンの実践億万長者入門 ネットワークビジネスの勧誘 of these new features, and don’t use them regularly enough, you could end up missing out.

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