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What The Facebook Messaging Social Inbox Means For Email Marketing

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What does Facebook’s new messaging service mean for Email?


Why Email Marketing Is Still In Vogue


Some interesting statistics from our friends at Flowtown.

It shows that Email Marketing is still recognised as a highly significant marketing tool, with spend set to increase year on year. It also signifies how important the written word is, with almost 40% of recipients opening, reading and clicking links based purely on the written copy. Read More »

Christmas Comes But Once A Year In Cornwall. So says Cornish Cottage’s Email We Designed


Xmas comes but once a year in Cornwall. So says Cornish cottage’s email we designed http://www.2ndimpression.co.uk/clients/corncott/emails/corncott_10_10a.htm

Want Some Real Fun Before Christmas? Check Out Catton Hall’s Email We Put Together


Want some real fun before Christmas? Check out Catton Hall’s Email we put together http://www.2ndimpression.co.uk/clients/cattonhall/emails/10_10/mail.html

Email Marketing Do’s And Don’ts


Email marketing do’s and don’ts http://bit.ly/caBBQk (http://twitter.com/SEO_Exp)

The Thin Line Between Email Marketing & Spamming


The thin line between Email marketing & spamming http://businessopportunitygazette.com/1951/the-thin-line-between-email-marketing-and-spamming/

Email Marketing – The Cost Effective Way Of Advertising


Email marketing – The cost effective way of advertising http://maxiarticles.com/email-marketing-the-cost-effective-way-of-advertising.html

5 Reasons To Use Email Marketing As An Internet Marketing Strategy


5 reasons to use Email marketing as an internet marketing strategy http://bit.ly/9eyauB (http://twitter.com/SEO_Exp)

Get Tested: Email Marketing Check Up


Get tested: Email marketing check up http://su.pr/1HpoyQ (http://twitter.com/socialemail)

Restaurants Benefit From Using Email Marketing


Benefits for restaurants from email marketing http://www.sooperarticles.com/internet-articles/email-marketing-articles/restaurants-benefit-using-email-marketing-campaigns-185622.html

Our latest email campaign.

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