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Rumors of Foursquare Danger May Be Exaggerated

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Marketers Expect To Increase Advertising on YouTube, LinkedIn & Foursquare [STUDY]

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Foursquare checks in with over half a million businesses

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Top 5 Foursquare Mistakes Committed by Small Businesses

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Why Your Business Needs to be on Foursquare by Jeff Ginsberg @jeff_emailguide

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Facebook Fan Page Marketing. You Need to Have a Welcome Page Design

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Foursquare Grew 3400% in 2010

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Foursquare Adds Photos & Comments

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Boom! 5 Million Users Check-in to Foursquare

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We Love These 10 Marketing Ideas for Foursquare and Facebook Places

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7 Steps To Define Your Social Media Strategy

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7 steps to define your social media strategy (

Foursquare Growing Just As Fast As Twitter Did In It’s Early Days

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Foursquare growing just as fast as Twitter did in it’s early days (

Are You Taking Advantage Of New Social Media Networks Like Foursquare?


Are you taking advantage of new social media networks like FourSquare?

Social Media for Business Presentation

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A great Social Media slideshare presentation we found (see credit below).  It’s 82 slides long …but well worth all the 82 clicks!
So sit back, relax and slide away…
View more presentations from Presentation Advisors.

Top 16 Unusual Four Square Badges


Top 16 Unusual Four Square Badges

Twit or Tweet?

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Is your business getting it right with Facebook, Twitter and the other social networks?

Marketing with Social Media gives you a fantastic opportunity to connect to your customers and reach out to new business. The potential is even greater than you think.

Did you know that almost 1 in 2 people in the UK are now on Facebook alone? Or that there are over 50 million Tweets on Twitter every day?

Have you started yet? Could you be doing better?

Are you a social media twit or social media tweet? Visit, enter a few brief details and we’ll send you a free report to let you know.

And even if you’ve not done anything yet, we’ll send you a free PDF with advice on how to get the best out of Social Media networks.

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Own a Cafe, Restaurant or Pub?


Own a Cafe, Restaurant or Pub? Put Your Business On The Map With Foursquare.


Foursquare fights back

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Foursquare are fighting back against Facebook encroaching on their turf already, focusing on privacy issues:

Facebook location-based updates

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Facebook expected to announce new location-based updates today: But will it compete with Foursquare?

Want to know more about Foursquare

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Want to C?NH know more about foursquare, the latest up-and-coming social network? Check une out this Observer article: