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Tips to Avoid Spam Filters

No matter how genuine your email is or how legitimate your list is, if you send emails for long enough, you will encounter spam issues. Even sending to people who have opted in to your list, people who want to receive your emails, will not help you avoid all of the spam filters all of […]

Put The Whisky Away Or Get Some App-ropriate Software

New application to stop you posting if you are not of sober mind.

Email Marketing Through Rose-Coloured Glasses

What makes something tweet worthy?

What makes something tweet worthy (

It’s ok, Jenny’s on Facebook…

… She’ll know what to do!

Why Email Marketing is Still in Vogue

Why email marketing is still in vogue. And why you need someone who will write it well

Why Email Marketing Is Still In Vogue

Some interesting statistics from our friends at Flowtown. It shows that Email Marketing is still recognised as a highly significant marketing tool, with spend set to increase year on year. It also signifies how important the written word is, with almost 40% of recipients opening, reading and clicking links based purely on the written copy.

Social Media for Business Presentation

A great Social Media slideshare presentation we found (see credit below).  It’s 82 slides long …but well worth all the 82 clicks! So sit back, relax and slide away… View more presentations from Presentation Advisors.

Social Media Networks are Free. Your time isn’t.

Facebook is free! Twitter is free! In fact all the Social Media networks are free. Great, so it’s not going to cost you a bean!  Or is it? Well, it should if you want to do it properly. If it doesn’t, then you’re either not doing it right or your business has a problem as […]

Twit or Tweet?

Is your business getting it right with Facebook, Twitter and the other social networks? Marketing with Social Media gives you a fantastic opportunity to connect to your customers and reach out to new business. The potential is even greater than you think. Did you know that almost 1 in 2 people in the UK are […]

The rise of the silver surfer

Still think Social Media is for the young ‘uns? Read ‘The rise of the silver surfer’: How half of women over 55 log on to Facebook

Own a Cafe, Restaurant or Pub?

Own a Cafe, Restaurant or Pub? Put Your Business On The Map With Foursquare. See

All Those Friends and Now What?

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. All Those Friends and Now What?

Facebook unveils ‘groups’ feature

Facebook unveils ‘groups’ feature

The 9 Worst Ways to Use Twitter for Business

The 9 Worst Ways to Use Twitter for Business.

13 Ways Of Increasing Your Facebook Likes

13 Simple Ways Of Increasing Your Facebook Likes…

Why companies watch your every social media move

Why companies watch your every Facebook, YouTube, Twitter move

Why does Starbucks want to be your friend on Facebook?

Why does Starbucks want to be your friend on Facebook? Great video from the BBC

We’re getting stupid. Are you?

Good software is making us stupid apparently. Or at least it’s quelling our need to think. Imagine for a moment that you have thumbed a ride in one of London’s iconic black cabs. “Where to, guv?” he asks, in typical cockney-twang. You tell him. “No problem – let me just enter that into my sat-nav…” […]

Alreet to Tweet?

Courtesy of  @TelegraphNews, Facebook and Twitter ‘helping spread regional dialects’ –