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10 reasons to use a Financial Adviser... but not just anyone, we mean M&T!!!
So you have read the title and are thinking, "Only 10?" or "I know very well" so I am just giving a reminder of 10 good reasons...
1. We are brilliant!!! Well we do actually like to think we are more modest than that, but a long standing client bank for a firm that has been running successfully for nearly 44 years bears testament to that statement being pretty close to the truth!     
2. The Plan – this is something we look at for virtually all clients. Everybody's circumstances are unique and so we have to use our expertise to help shape a plan that suits the individual or couple, family or business and then keep adapting that plan as life changes from year to year. Every plan will need one or all of the next set of reasons...  
3. Protection for individuals, couples and families. This is not just about how much, but what it is for and making sure it is right for you in terms of cost, timescale, Trust planning and tax. See Adam's article below that expands on this further.
4. Spending and saving during your lifetime. Both of these requirements will be based upon needs as and when required. We are here to say how and where the monies should be invested and withdrawn, taking into account factors such as risk, markets and taxation.
5. Investment and tax planning is specifically looking at the areas to invest and the implications from a tax perspective but also taking into account the individual's risk tolerance and opportunities for new investment ideas. You will no doubt have been partial to Gareth's gems over the years!
6. Pensions and retirement which is my area of expertise in particular. Part of The Plan will be looking to retire but most people have already accumulated some form of pension and again it is knowing how it works, whether it is working best for you and, most importantly, what it will end up paying to you. With the new pension freedom legislation, tax is a very important factor with pension planning.
7. Estate planning is something that is best tackled sooner rather than later and can involve gifting, Trust planning, life assurance and of course Wills, on which point we liaise with your Solicitors to ensure that everything knits together. It is all making sure The Plan works!
8. Business owners ask us to help with succession plans, protection of key staff (including themselves), what to do with cash in the company bank account and, more recently, the requirements for pensions auto enrolment. The time/cost burden is often felt like a weight lifted when passed on to us.
9. Peace of mind is arguably what our clients value most. They know we are at the end of the phone or email to help wherever we can in the best and most efficient way. I am sure you are already thinking of a time when that has been the case.
10. A first class newsletter!!! Although this is relatively informal we do like to think there is a lot of useful content and that is not just our opinion, the feedback we get is nothing but positive I'm glad to say!
I'm sure we do the above for all clients but if there is something up there that catches your eye then speak to your Adviser, if nothing else it will give you number 9!!!


Morfitt & Turnbull Fantasy Football 2015/16 
Well the new football season will be upon us once more within a few weeks and so we will have the M&T league set up and encourage you to enter along with us. There is no cost to join and the league winner gets £100 with £50 for the runner up. The more people who join means there is more chance of knocking Gareth from top spot this year!!!

The registration is straightforward via this link.
It is a step by step process and pretty straightforward to set the team up. Once you have done so then the following link explains the rules about selecting players, scoring points, etc. -

The final part is to join our league so please email me at once you are set up and I will make sure you get the code once it is available.

Please note you do not need any footballing knowledge, this is pure fun so please join in!!!

Adam's Technical...  Do you need cover?
"Cover for what?" you may ask. Well Adam is talking about your life so read on...

Unpredictably, like death and taxes, is a certainty in life. However, I'm sure most people would agree that if we woke up every morning knowing what was going to happen each day, it would be strange. Not knowing what is round the corner means we should protect ourselves.
Many of us know someone who has died sooner than expected. When a partner is lost the impact both emotionally and financially is challenging. Having life cover in place can at least help deal with the financial consequences this brings.

Life cover is most commonly taken out to cover mortgage liabilities on death but is this really wholly sufficient. We all have other committed outgoings that need to continue to be met on our death. We also perform duties at home that might need to be undertaken by someone else.

For example, Mrs Tasker looks after the home which means cooking, cleaning, ferrying the two children around and many other things. Mr Tasker works full-time and would not be able to do all this if something were to happen to Mrs Tasker. He would have to employ other people to perform these duties which come at a cost.
Please note that the names above are interchangeable to ensure no stereotypical views being put forward by Morfitt & Turnbull. Indeed it works the same for Mr and Mr as well as Mrs and Mrs!!!

The cost of other people performing these duties could easily be £30,000 a year for many years. It makes sense therefore to have additional life cover in place, above the mortgage liability, to meet these expenses.

Life cover can be purchased to pay out a lump sum and/or a monthly income to meet either debt and/or monthly outgoings. The sample illustrations give some idea of the current cost at certain ages, terms and life cover amounts (premiums assume a healthy non-smoker), as follows:
Age & Term £200,000 Cover £400,000 Cover
Age 30 &
30-year term
£10.50 per month £18.43 per month
Age 40 &
20-year term
£16.23 per month £29.56 per month
  (based on an office worker and premiums met if unable to work)
A number of you may now have adult children who might have insufficient cover. If you wish to discuss your specific circumstances, please contact your usual Morfitt & Turnbull Adviser.

Gareth Says... 
Top Tips from the King of Fantasy Football

As we all know, Gareth has dominated the fantasy football over the few years we have had the league running (see above to join!!!) so to maybe give us a chance I've asked for his top three tips for the coming season....
1. Use the Barclays Fantasy Football website. They have lots of statistics, such as best value for money player and who is currently on form.
2. As your captain scores double points choose him carefully each week.

3. Form is temporary, class is permanent – stick with the best players, they usually come good... unless injured!

Staff Matters...
Adam and the 7 year hitch!
You will be pleased to learn that our very own Adam is tying the knot next month to the lovely Rachel after being together for nearly 7 years... and it couldn't happen to a lovelier couple.

Just to clarify too, they are not as per the couple in Adam's technical article above and this is not for favourable tax reasons either, contrary to rumour!!!

We wish them all the very best for the future and a fabulous honeymoon in Madeira. Wedding photos will follow in the next newsletter.


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