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Morfitt & Turnbull

Issue 1   

Mulligan's Mugshot!
Here I am in my second year at M&T thinking about the fact that the company is approaching its 40th anniversary and how things may shape up over the next 40!

It is undoubtedly a digital/electronic era so my first thought was to communicate with the important people, i.e. you, in a 21st century way and so here is the first of our mailshots, that we are sending out every two months, to give you an insight into industry matters as well as an inside view of M&T.

As I am the mug pulling this together then you have to encounter my own 'mugshot' and, for those who may have spoken to me, I guess it’s handy to put a face to a name.

Oh I’m Martyn Mulligan by the way! In our 'Staff Matters' section you’ll get to know the other members of the team a little more in future issues!
   Martyn Mulligan

M&T 40 years on
A history lesson for you all...

It was mid 1971 when Messrs Morfitt and Turnbull discussed the possibility of setting up a company which would interact with professionals, i.e. accountants, solicitors and stockbrokers, to offer their clients a professional service, the emphasis being on service!
Malcolm Morfitt and Trevor Turnbull were regional sales consultants for Noble Lowndes with Malcolm specialising in pensions and Trevor in investments. They saw that there were few quality regional IFAs offering high standards of service so they set up Morfitt & Turnbull Limited on 27th October 1971.

So what has changed?
The personnel have changed many times, although Malcolm Morfitt retains a small shareholding and the ethos remains the same. Gareth Shaw joined M&T in May 1987 from Vanbrugh Life (the upmarket arm of Prudential) after rising to the top of their sales force. He was appointed director in November 1987 at the tender age of 29 and Managing Director in 1989. 

He comments, “I looked at the model established by the previous regime - prudent financial management, emphasis on service to both the client and the professional, two distinct parts to the business being investments and pensions - then decided to continue with a system that worked well, even down to some of the minutiae such as rebating commissions into client contracts to return something to them, which is important. I then decided to try and enhance the model and continue to do so.”

See Timeline to right >

Oct 1971  Morfitt & Turnbull Limited incorporated
Feb 1973  Sold company to Chancery Trust
Mar 1976  Chancery Trust sold to Arbuthnot Life
Jan 1980  Morfitt & Turnbull (Management Services) Limited incorporated
Mar 1982  Directors bought back the shares from Arbuthnot
Aug 1986  Sold company to N Brown plc
Jun 1996  Offices destroyed by the IRA bombing of Manchester city centre
Dec 1997  M&T settle into permanent offices in Deansgate, Manchester
Apr 1999  Directors bought back the shares from N Brown
Feb 2005  Gareth & Pauline Shaw acquired 90% of shares from other Directors
Dec 2007  M&T relocate offices from Manchester to Knutsford
27.10.2011  Happy 40th Birthday M&T!!!

Adam’s Technical... 
Equitable Life Payment Scheme
Who’s Adam? Well he’s the clever bloke who always seems to have a few wise words, even if it is in a broad Yorkshire drawl. So here’s what he says you should be considering at the moment...

If you, or anyone you know, invested in a new With-Profits policy with Equitable Life between September 1992 and December 2000 you may be entitled to compensation.

The Equitable Life Payment Scheme has now been set-up to pay compensation to all policyholders who have suffered a loss. If you would like further information please call Adam Longsden at Morfitt & Turnbull on 01565 624370.

Equitable Life

Gareth Says... 
NS&I Index-Linked Savings Certificates
Staff Matters
Here you will get to know some more about everyone in the M&T team and what goes on within the office. For starters here’s a quick who’s who:

• Chief Executive: Gareth Shaw
• Managing Director: Pauline Shaw
• Director: Martyn Mulligan
• Senior Consultant: Stuart Tabeart
• Technical Consultant: Adam Longsden
• Sales Support: Annie Wong
• Sales Support: Philip Brierley
• Secretarial Support: Charlotte Roberts
• Special Projects: Bev Owen
• Accounts & Finance: Martin Hilton
• IT Support: Alex Safavi
Gareth is CEO at M&T so when he says something, you listen (or in this case - you read!). So do please read on...

In June 2011 we gave advice to purchase National Savings & Investments Index-Linked Savings Certificates.

I do hope you followed that advice as the Government have since stopped subscriptions with effect from 7th September 2011!


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